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  • Fight against Covid-19

    Face mask, Two Yard distance and hand wash is must

    2020-10-16 10:51:39

  • DSIR Approved R&D Centre

    R&D and ADL centre has certified by DSIR, Govt. of India.

    2020-10-16 10:52:49

  • Favipiravir

    Favipiravir 200,400 & 800mg Pre Booking available for 10th May Contact details :- +91 9324550379 Email:-

    2021-04-28 12:23:17


  • Launch of two products in our brand and for contract manufacturing Oseltamavir caps, 30mg, 45mg and 75 mg  And  Favipiravir 200 mg/400mg/800mg Tablet.

Key Person :
  • Mr. Alok Kumar (Managing Director)
  • Mrs. Sudhanshu Kumar Singh (Director)
  • Mr. Ashish Kumar (Director)
  • Mr. Deepak Yadav (CEO)
  • Mr. Dhirendra Shankar (Executive Director)
  • Mr. Samik Bhattacharya (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. Vasudevan S. (Senior Vice President)